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How to find the right mortgage?

The mortgage market is competitive and changing. One day to the next a mortgage lender may remove or launch competitive products to win more business. One month to the next they loosen or restrict criteria. (age, adverse credit, property type and others).

With hundreds of mortgage lenders giving us thousands of mortgage products. 

Comparison websites omit details leading to lenders refusing you later in the process. Direct to bank limits products to just their range.  So it's a good idea to talk to a mortgage advisor before making up your mind.

The Property and Your Circumstances will determine which mortgages you are eligible.  Your plans and risk appetite will conclude from that list which is the right mortgage for you.

It may not always be the lowest rate if you want low fees leading to cheapest over the initial term. It may not be the cheapest over the initial term if you also want low upfront costs. 

For your needs and circumstances, a mortgage adviser will guide you to the right mortgage.

Why use a Mortgage Advisor

We will take the leg work out of looking for a mortgage, searching the market, comparing the market and application.

A mortgage advisor takes the leg work out of obtaining a mortgage, including searching the mortgage market, comparing mortgages, checking criteria, packaging and processing the application.

As an advisor, we work for you, not the mortgage lender.  We find the best mortgage from hundreds of lenders with no ties or bias to specific lenders.

New mortgage lenders often don't have branches, and many lenders offer no direct-to-consumer advice.

Not all mortgages are available to you directly with a lender. To have a comprehensive view of the mortgage market, you need a mortgage adviser. 

Walking into a bank branch is compared to a limited menu - it may not be the best available to you.  Don't restrict your choices.

With us, you get the advice you through the process from enquiry, exchange and through to completion.

Why choose us?

We are experts in specialist mortgages offering financial advice nationwide. A multi-adviser insurance and mortgage advisers regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

Comprehensive and Independent Advice! We find you the best financial solution in the whole of the market. No ties or favouring specific mortgage lenders.

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