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Should you buy a HMO in a Limited Company?

As the Government looks to take more of your rental income, landlords like you are looking at HMOs to increase rental yield. The question then is if you should buy the HMO in a Limited Company?

The primary reason for setting up an HMO Investment Company is to help manage your tax affairs. Your first stop should be your accountant.

Limited Company HMO Mortgages often have higher fees or rates. We work with you and your accountant to help them calculate the best. 

Though its not all about tax...

The benefits for some are clear, the ability to retain profits. The ability to keep personal taxation low or keep yourself under a tax bracket. Was the main benefit when the Government changed how on the rental income you are taxed. The ability to deduct mortgage interest relief.

Other reasons include being able to pass on the shares of a company to a family member. While you may want the flexibility of bringing in shareholders to raise funds.

Should you buy an HMO in a Limited Company? Can only be answered if you have identified a benefit in doing so. 

One landlord tells us, it's to stop worrying about utility providers affecting her personal credit score if a tenant fails to settle their final bill.

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