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HMO Mortgages

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at 60% LTV


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* 2 Year Fixed Mortgage Rates, correct as of 04/10/2018.

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At the end of 2016 Precise Mortgages launched its "cheapest-ever HMO two-year tracker". Followed in 2017 by Two New HMO Mortgage Lenders Launched (Fleet Mortgages, Foundation Home Loans) and in 2018 Landbay.

With the increased competition..

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HMO Conversion Mortgage

Our Refurbishment Buy to Let product offers you the best of both worlds when financing your HMO Conversion - the flexibility of Bridging Finance with the security of a long term mortgage once the property has been refurbished. Ask about our HMO Conversion Mortgages.

  • No Repayments whilst works are being compleated.
  • Guaranteed Exit after works compleated onto a Buy to Let Mortgage.
    (T&C Apply)
  • Lock In todays mortgage rates for in six months.

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Best HMO Mortgage Rates

LTV Purchase / Remortgage Limited Company Rate
85% Purchase & RemortgageBoth4.59%
80% Purchase & RemortgageBoth 3.49%
75% Purchase No1.85%
75% Remortgage No1.92%
75% Purchase & RemortgageYes2.99%
70% Purchase & RemortgageNo 1.61%
70% Purchase & RemortgageYes2.99%
65% Purchase & RemortgageYes2.89%
60% Purchase & RemortgageNo1.44%

* 2 Year Fixed Mortgage Rates, correct as of 04/10/2018

Who does HMO Mortgages?

We do!

We have a wide variety of House in Multiple Occupation (HMO) mortgage lenders with differing products and criteria. Some available via mortgage advisers only and others exclusive products. Some of the lenders we use are:

Aldermore Mortgages, Axis Bank, BM Solutions, Barclays Bank, Fleet Mortgages, Foundation Home Loans, Interbay, Kent Reliance, Keystone, Landbay, Leeds BS, LendInvest, Magellan Homeloans, Masthaven, Paragon Banking Group PLC, Precise Mortgages, The Mortgage Lender, The Mortgage Works, and Vida Homeloans.

We compare them all - exclusives and direct, so you don't have to.

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HMO Regulations in 2018

The HMO secor had some HMO Licence changes in 2018, this removed the requirement for a "Licenced HMO" to be 3 or more stories. You will now require a licence when:

Any property renting to five or more people form two or more separate households, sharing basic amenities.

In addition your council may have an Article 4 Direction, requiring Selective Licensing. You may require planning permission and meet new minimum room sizes. If applicable it may effect mortgageability, ask your mortgage adviser how.

The HMO rules are varied and changing, if you are getting started then I hope our directions will set you on the right path. 

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HMO Maximum Loan Rental Calculator

The rent a HMO can obtain limits the maximum loan a lender will provider. Calculate the maximum loan acheiveable:

Limited Company HMO's

The Section 24 Taxation Changes has led to increased appetite in HMO Landlords purchasing via a Limited Company, in order to limit taxation. To proceed with this route or not, is a discussion a Landlord needs to have with there accountant.

The benefits for some are clear - for others the higher mortgage costs and accountancy fees may have your accountant recommending purchasing in personal name.

We will find for you the best Limited Company HMO Mortgage for you, including incorporating the HMO SPV Company where applicable.

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What is a HMO Property?

The definition changes from Planning, HMO Licensing and Finance.

With mortgage lenders it often down to the Tenancy Agreement and arrangement of the property. Sometimes we can get finance on Standard BTL Rates if the occupants are on one AST, sharing amenities with no locks on doors (like a corporate let or student let). If the property has multiple tenancies housing unrelated people you will often require a HMO Mortgage.

A HMO Mortgage or not - our team can help identify the best lender. To get you the best rate where applicable.

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Processing Times for HMO Mortgages

Processing a HMO Mortgage application takes roughly the same amount of time as any other application. On a HMO Purchase a typical time frame of 2 months, quicker if using Bridging Finance or Remortgageing. Of course some lenders are faster, some are slower; often it depends upon the complexity of the application.

An additional step for mortgage lenders is to check if you have a HMO Licence, Planning (if required) and Selective Licensing (if required). Often it will be a mortgage condition that you are deemed "fit and proper" to run a HMO, this allows lenders to grant finance on sight of an application (for the licence).

... read more on Processing Times for HMO Mortgages

HMO Tenant Types

We have access to lenders that will lend to DSS Tenants, Students and Rent to Rent for example.

Options do get limited as many mortgage lenders making it a condition that you do not rent to people in receipt of housing benefit, as they are perceived as higher risk.

... read more on HMO Tenant Types

How are HMO Properties Valued?

Most HMO Lenders value on a "brick and mortar" basis but a few allow "investment" basis valuation.

A Brick and Mortar valuation is what you'd expect from a standard residential valuation. It is based on the resale value of the property as a normal home. Comparable perhaps with other none-hmo properties on the street.

An Investment Valuation instead values the property as a business, basing the value on a multiple of the rent obtained.

In different circumstances one may be better than the other. An Investment Valuation may give a greater value but often products are fewer, giving higher rates and lower LTVs.

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Are HMO's a good investment?

The rental income from multiple rooms (compared to renting the property out as a single family) often results in higher aggregate rental income. This is why letting a property as an HMO may be more profitable than to a single family unit.

Unfortunetly tenant turnover may be higher with tenants staying in a HMO for shorter periods. This can result in higher management costs and increased frequency of decoration.

You also want to be confident in demand, that there are tenants looking for property share properties in the area.

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Maximum HMO Loan-to-Value (LTV)

You can obtain HMO Mortgages up to 85% LTV.

This means you will only require a deposit with 15% of the value of the property.

Unfortunately the mortgage costs are higher, stepping up from 80% LTV to 85% LTV can see interest rates over 100 base points higher.

Remember - the maximum loan you can obtain is also limited by the rent that is obtained, as a rental affordability test.

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